Unova is the fifth region in Pokemon Creed. It costs £25,000,000 to go there and the current Throne of Unova is Zapdos.

Unova's Towns/CitiesEdit

Here is a list of the Towns and Cities in Unova:

Nuvema Town

Accumula Town

Striaton City

Nacrene City

Castelia City

Nimbasa City

Driftveil City

Mistralton City

Iciruss City

Opelucid City

Lacunosa Town

Undella Town

Anville Town

Unova's Gyms and LeadersEdit

Cilan, Chilli and Cress in Striaton City

Lenora in Nacrene City

Burgh in Castelia City

Elesa in Nimbasa City

Clay in Driftveil City

Skyla in Mistralton City

Brycen in Iciruss City

Drayden in Opelucid City

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